Kinsmen book 1 'Prelude to the Kinsmen - Between Gods and Mortals.' Edited, awaiting an agent and proofreading.
Kinsmen book 2 'A whisper amongst the stars.' 200 pages into first draft.
Kinsmen book 3 Outlined.

'Between Gods and Mortals' is the first book of five, which have all been outlined, in the 'Kinsmen' series, a high adventure Science Fiction novel aimed chiefly at young adults. I've written the book I've always wanted and would still want to read. Something to fire the imagination of its readers, to delight and surprise. Unlike the next four books, this is written in the first person rather than the third and is set in the past as opposed to the present day, like the aforementioned next four.

The story is an account of what happened during the intergalactic invasion over two-thousand years ago. An account by an earth-man called Jonas who possesses extraordinary abilities. Jonas is recruited by the Min, Davern and the mysterious Garianne in a fight for the survival of every living thing in the galaxy. Against the on-going story of the war effort is the incredible evolution of Jonas' abilities and his ever-growing intellect.

This 'Prelude' establishes all the many themes that will run throughout the next four books, such as: Who and what is Garianne? How do beings like Jonas, known as super-sentients, exist? The tragic fate of humanity across multiple universes and perhaps most significantly who are the mysterious and elusive race known as the Kinsmen?

I hope the Kinsmen series will keep readers guessing through its twists and turns, postulating questions about its characters motives. Presenting some thought provoking concepts about what is apparently good and evil, as well as that all important question of where we are ultimately heading as the human race. The kinsmen presents a great many intriguing questions, all of which will be answered in the most satisfactory and, of course, entertaining way.

I'm currently writing the second book in the Kinsmen series. The working title of which is 'A Whisper Amongst the Stars.'